Other Staff

Our non-technical staff play a great role in our everyday operations
and are constantly in contact with our foreign clients

 KAZUYUKI TANAKA graduated from the Faculty of Law at MeijiGakuin University in 1970 before joining us in the same year. Originally assigned to our TrademarkDepartment, he moved to the Patent Department in 1979 where he deals with formalities andrecordal procedures for foreign applicants. Most communications to and from our foreign clientspass through his hands and his knowledge of the special problems foreign applicants sometimesface is an essential element of our everyday practice. Our resident expert on PCT procedures, hehas also been handling the foreign filing and prosecution formalities for our domestic clients. Amongother things, golf, skiing and tennis occupy his leisure hours.
   JAMES HUGHESgraduated from U.C.L.A in 1976 and received  an M.A. in FarEastern Studies at the University of Washington in 1978. Jim  joined our firm in 1982 and is now theDirector of International Liaison, being active in resolving communication difficulties in all technicalfields.   His years of dealing with the myriad of problems that foreign applicants  can face in Japanalso helped him during his terms as Vice-chair and Chair of the IP Committee of the AmericanChamber of Commerce in Japan. He also  served on the Case Reporter Committee for theJapanese branch of AIPPI and  was an active member of the IP Group of the US/Japan BusinessCouncil for  several years. He is also a regular at the INTA annual meetings and served on the Asia-Pacific Law subcommittee for the INTA Bulletin. Although he tries to satisfy his passion for themountains  whenever possible, he is also an avid motorcyclist, bicyclist and cameraman and is nowtrying to instill those passions in his three young daughters.

NOBUHIRO SUGISAWAgraduated in history from Rissho University in1987 and joined Information Technology Labs as a systems analyst in the same year. He wastransferred to Europe and worked in the U.K. in a similar position until 1992. He joined our firm in 1995after working on our major computer systems for a number of years and he continues to play animportant role in maintaining and developing both software and hardware in the office, includingthe managment of our fully networked system. He also became a Microsoft Certified Professionalafter intensive study. Leisure pursuits include tennis, travel and surprisingly, computers. His recentinterest is acting as a chief umpire for little league baseball games.

TAKUYA TERAKAWA,Managing Directorof our Financial and General AffairsDepartment,  graduated in economics from Keio University in 1985 and joined a major JapaneseBank, where he finally became a member of the International Accounts Department, dealing  inforeign exchange. He became a chartered member of the Japan Security Analysts Association in1993, before joining a major securities firm in 1995, where he also worked on foreign exchange. Wewere lucky enough to bring his wealth of experience to Soga in 1997, where he has been workingdiligently on various financial and personnel related matters. He became a member of AIPPI in 2004and has traveled to several annual meetings.

KEIKO TANAKAgraduated in English American Literature from AoyamaGakuin University in 1976 before joining us. She has worked in various sections, starting off intrademarks, working through domestic applications for foreign clients and ending up a GroupLeader in our Foreign Application Section. Her broad experience in application procedures helps usto eliminate the myriad of difficulties faced everyday when working with a wide spectrum ofassociates overseas. Keiko-san's interests are definitely international as she continues to travelregularly, visiting over 68 countries. Her eclectic tastes in food probably helps her survive suchadventures in cuisine.