Technical Staff

Our technically and linquistically qualified staff, with a wide range of abilities and work experience, comprise the workhorses of our office

MICHIKAZU SOGAis the first son of our president and joined our firm in May1983. He is a graduate from the Chemical Department of Tokai University. Although his dutiesrevolve around inorganic chemistry cases, he is also heavily involved with the organization andmanagement of our office as Executive Director of Administration. Well known in Japan for hisproficiency as a sports fisherman he has taught many in the office about the wonders of ice-fishing.

SHUICHI FUKUDA(Korean name: Soo Il Park)  Manager of our ElectricalDepartment, received his BS in Electrical Engineering at Nihon University and went on to receive aMaster's Degree in the same field at the graduate school of the same institute. After graduation,he joined another patent firm until where he gained extensive experience in drafting specificationsrelated to telecommunications, electronic circuits, semiconductors and electrical devices. Afterjoining us in 1991, his broad experience has helped him to become one of the Group Leaders  of ourElectrical Department. Fukuda-san is also proficient in both English and Korean and is now intent onbreaking his golf score down into the upper 90's.

haruta TOSHIHIRO HARUTA,Managing Directorof our Trademark Department,joined us in 1988. He majored in Constitutional Law at Doshisha University, receiving a law degree in1982. He then worked in the sales planning department of a machinery company until joining us. Hehandles our overseas trademark applications, dealing with over 200 countries. Recently returnedfrom a study period in both Germany and England concentrating on European trademarkpractices, we look forward to even stronger input on behalf of our Japanese clients. Haruta-san likesto refresh himself on his days off with drives in the country and fishing trips. We hope he catches everbigger fish in the future.